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How To Avoid Online Fraud?

Whenever you borrow money, from anyone or any company, you want to be sure they are a legitimate business and not a fraud.

Here's what can happen: You get your payday loan and then get a call a couple of days later and the person is demanding that you make your payment 'right now'. There is no doubt that this person who is calling you is a fraud. Real payday lenders will never do this just like your bank would never do it. Payday loan companies know when you agreed that your loan is due and they won't call you unless you are late with your payment.

Here are some tips that may help you avoid any dishonest service companies:

  • NEVER deal with an individual who says they are a payday lender; if they don't have a legitimate office, website, etc. then avoid them.
  • NEVER ever give your information to a stranger calling your phone. Lenders will never ask you to give confidential information over the phone. They may ask to verify your information which is different. If they are legitimate they will always identify themselves and the company name.
  • If you do not see contact information on the website then ask for it. Legitimate businesses will always provide contact information including an address, phone number and email if you ask.
  • Ask for a state license number. Legitimate lenders will give this to you without hesitation.
  • Ask your lender to supply you with your account number and other personal information if they already have it on file.
  • If the caller says they need to verify you are the right person by having you provide your personal information again, do not give it to them. They don't need to do this.
  • The best advice of all - ask a lot of questions.

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