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Faaast Cash Affiliates with Interlincx

Leading emergency payday loan provider Faaast Cash has just begun working with Interlincx to optimize its lender portfolio.

Orange County, CA

May 1, 2015

Faaast Cash Affiliates with Interlincx

Faaast Cash, a leading and trusted payday cash advance loans provider in the United States, has just launched a new initiative working with Interlincx to provide its customers with more high quality lenders. Now even more clients will be able to get a personal loan quickly every day.

Providing fast and convenient fast online loans and emphasizing customer service, Faaast Cash has become a trusted name in the industry because of the ease in which their loans are available online. Faaast Cash is also meeting all guidelines of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) which sets high standards for all online lenders. independent audits have shown that Faaast Cash meets and exceeds all guidelines of the OLA.

“We’ve thought about adding Interlincx for some months and feel confident they will be able to help more people through their short term financial crunches,” said Steve Burgess, the spokesperson for Faaast Cash. “We have been able to match our customers to the very best payday lenders— people needing fast cash for rent, car repairs, utilities bills, unexpected medical bills and so forth—so it has been our main goal to help others out when they go through the same challenges.”

About Faaast Cash

Faaast Cash is a leading provider of online payday loans in the United States. With their quick and easy process, including no credit checks, they make it convenient for people to get the cash they need, when they need it. From unexpected medical bills and car repairs, to rent payments and other cash crunches, a short term cash advance has proven vital to those who need some emergency cash before their next paycheck. And when it comes to getting fast cash online, Faaast Cash has become a trusted resource for people across the country.