No Teletrack Payday Loans Guaranteed Approval: What Does It Mean?

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No Teletrack Payday Loans Guaranteed Approval: What Does It Mean?

Years after the financial crash that changed consumer and banking rules, many middle-class individuals still find themselves in tight budget situations. Debt has risen to an all-time high despite many Americans working more than one job. The cost of living keeps rising while wages have not kept pace. However, the investor class has done exponentially well by comparison. One of the options that consumers with bad credit can turn to for loans is "no teletrack payday loans."

What Are No Teletrack Payday Loans?

Teletrack systems are used by lenders to check the credit history of borrowers. A "no teletrack payday loan guaranteed" claim indicates that the lender may approve loans without credit or background checks. This information is available to lender through subscriptions to third-party data providers. Not only does this process reveal data on how well an individual has paid back loans in the past, it further alerts financial professionals about fraudulent borrowers.

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Outstanding debts show up in the teletrack database, which helps lenders assess whether or not the applicant is trustworthy enough and reliable for repaying loans. This risk assessment strategy is used in the US, UK, and Canada by both online and offline lenders, as well as alternative lenders vs. conventional banks. Teletrack systems, however, do not track banking transaction details, which are monitored by Telecheck and Chexsystems.

Teletrack vs. More Complex Tracking Systems

Loans based on teletrack systems have a high degree of legitimacy due to the fact that subscribers are thoroughly screened in an approval process. These approved lenders must be compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which regulates how credit information is collected and used. They tend to be more selective as to who they approve for loans, whereas "no teletrack" lenders provide easier access to small short-term loans without credit checks. Usually, the main requirement for income is that you can show proof with employer payment evidence.


No teletrack payday loans are attractive to people with poor credit scores or those who want to keep their borrowing activity private. They may only need quick loans commonly used to pay off bills or get their finances in order. This type of payday loan gives you a wider pool of options to choose from, compared with conventional lenders with strict requirements on credit history and a long loan process before approval.

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