Decoding Online Loan Complaints: Strategies for Resolution

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Empowering Yourself: Tips for Addressing Online Loan Complaints

Complaints about Online Loans

The most common online loan complaint is “I didn’t receive the loan.” There is no way to answer this complaint. Lenders process too many requests to answer this question. There are many factors in determining if your request will be approved. One reason you will always be disqualified is you defaulted on a previous payday loan online. Unless it was a long time ago, this would always result in lenders declining your loan request.

What to Do If You Have an Online Loan Complaint

Most importantly, if you have a complaint about a loan you received, you should first contact your lender directly. In most cases, you can work out a resolution with your lender. If you are unable to do so, every state has a consumer complaint department that may be able to assist you in selecting a course of action. And, you can file a formal complaint on your state website as well.

Beware of Fraudulent (Phone & Email) Requests and Debt Collection Scams

Unfortunately, there are numerous scams that contact you directly and ask for money upfront to provide you a loan. No legitimate lender will ever require a “deposit” or any money in advance for giving you a loan.

These scams are almost always done from offshore companies who take your deposit and move on to the next victim. They often use the names and website addresses of legitimate lenders in their phone calls and emails but are not the real companies. They also use local phone numbers for each area they call to appear legitimate.

Simply put, never pay anything to anyone for a loan.

All licensed lenders are in the business of lending, and any fees for your loan are collected when you repay the loan, never in advance. The same advice applies to debt collection scammers, they request money in advance, and that is a big red flag. Hang up or delete the email; it is a scam!
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Applying does NOT affect your FICO® credit score!
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