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During tough financial times, many people in Houston turn to payday loans for some help. When you are low on cash and have credit problems, payday loans may be the easiest and best solution.

However, even though these loans might offer a temporary fix, most loans have repayment durations of less than a month, and you could have trouble repaying the loan when it is due. When this happens, people often resort to extending or rolling over their loan, which results in fees that add to the total amount they owe.

To avoid this, Houston residents who need access to quick cash should consider other options before getting payday loans.

Are you in need of instant cash to meet your financial emergencies before your next payday? Faaast Cash provides for online payday loans to Houston, TX residents. We have a large network of payday lenders who want to see your loan request; if approved, these lenders will offer you a safe, secure option for your loan.

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Request Process for Houston, Texas for Our Online Payday Loans

The request process for an online payday loan in Houston, TX is now easier and simpler than ever before! Just fill our online loan request form. Once you submit it, your request goes out to lenders within our network. As soon as you are matched with any of our lenders, they will contact you and help you in understanding all the terms and conditions associated with the loan. When your loan request is approved and you agree with the terms and conditions, money gets transferred to your bank account in one business day.

Payday loans for emergencies in Houston, TX

A cash advance or a payday loan advance is not meant to be a long-term financial solution. As a Houston resident, if you have a financial emergency and you need money to meet an unexpected expense, your answer could be an online payday loan. Even before most storefront lenders open in Houston, your online payday advance loan could be on its way to your bank account. Speed is critical when you have an emergency, so it would be smart on your part not to waste time driving around looking for other options.

Payday Loan Providers in Houston, Texas: How Are We Different from Others?

Each one of our payday lenders has a license to operate in Houston, TX. They fully comply with all the rules and regulations set by OLA - the industry standards organization. Their terms and conditions are transparent, and there are no hidden costs involved when you apply for an online payday loan. Your safety, security, and privacy is our top priority when we handle your personal and loan details.

We pride ourselves on connecting you quickly with our large network of lenders and providing fast responses to your loan request from your payday loan request. We also provide bad credit payday loans to help residents of Houston, TX who could not get traditional loans due to a bad credit score. Our aim is to help Texans in a time of need.

Houston, TX Payday Loan: It's Easy to Qualify

Do you have access to the Internet, at least 18 years of age, and have a current checking account? If yes, you are eligible to apply for a Houston payday loan.

Online Payday Loans in Houston, Texas: Choose Us!

Do you need cash to meet a financial emergency? Apply for a fast cash advance from FaaastCash.We have years of experience helping Houston, TX residents deal with unforeseen financial emergencies. Our trustworthy lenders are committed to helping people meet their short-term cash shortages.

Reasons to Get an Online Payday Loan in Texas

There may be many reasons why you need an online payday loan in Texas. If you need emergency cash, you can request an online payday loan in any of the following situations:

  • You did not get a loan from the bank. Getting traditional loans from banks is not easy, and it can take months to get approved.
  • You need to cover your rent, medical, utility, and groceries bills.
  • You need to pay your credit card bill or overdraft fee.
  • You don’t want to ask your friends and relatives for any financial help.

Houston Payday Loan Requirements

To qualify for a Payday Loan from FaaastCash, you must meet the following requirements, though other terms and conditions may apply:

  • Should be at least 18 years of age or above,
  • Be a citizen or legal resident of the United States,
  • Have a verifiable source of income,
  • Have a valid checking account,
  • Have a valid email and phone number.

*Our lenders cannot extend loans to active duty military or their spouses.

Do You Need a Cash Loan Fast?

FaaastCash arranges loans from $100 to $1,000 quickly. Most loans are approved within 90 seconds or less. All you need to have is a checking account, a phone number, and a few other simple qualifications. See why thousands of people choose FaaastCash for their emergency cash needs.

Are Online Payday Loans in Houston, TX, Legal?

Yes. Online Payday Loans are legal in Houston, TX.

Loan Rates and Fees, Laws, and Regulations in Texas.

The maximum Payday loan amount is not stated in Texas. As a rule, direct lenders offer up to $1,000. The loan term can be up to 6 months (180 days) but is generally a month or less. A cash advance is legal in the state, according to 5 Tex. Fin. Code §§ 393 et seq.1, 4 Tex. Fin. Code §§ 342.004.2

There is no cap on interest rates and fees in Texas. Lenders usually get a fee equal to 10% of the loan. Ask your lender about your fees before you accept a loan offer.

Important Useful Resource:

State Regulations

7 Tex. Admin. Code and Tex. Fin. Code Ann. §§342.251 et seq.

Texas payday loan lenders

Fin. Code Ann. §§342.251

Payday Loans Houston, TX Rules

  • MIN Loan Amount- $100
  • MAX Loan Amount- $1,000
  • MIN. Loan Term- 14 days
  • MAX. Loan Term- 180 days
  • Basic fees- 10% of the loan
  • NSF fee- $30
  • Collateral or guarantor- None, unsecured loan
  • Cooling off period- None
  • Default penalties- 5% collection fee
  • Credit score requirements- Available for Bad Credit

How Do Cash Advance and Payday Loans Work in Houston?

Payday loans allow you to borrow a small amount of money for a short-term period and repay it from your next paycheck. You can apply for a loan online, get approval in seconds, and receive the money in one business day. If approved, you may get up to $1,000 fast! Our direct lenders accept consumers of all credit types and perform a soft credit check using alternative databases rather than traditional credit bureaus. If you match the eligibility criteria and have a consistent source of income, you will most likely be approved for a loan in Houston.

Where Can I Get a Payday Loan in Houston?

Right here. Click the "Get Started Now” Button, fill out the online payday form, and get a loan fast! About 80% of those requesting loans are approved.

Where Can I Get a Payday Loan from a Direct Lender in Houston?

You can get a loan by applying on our website and submitting the loan request form. We transmit your information to our direct lenders until one approves your request. We have more than 100 direct lenders waiting to serve you, which increases the chances of your approval. All our lenders are licensed to lend in Houston and Texas. We are not a lender but a referral service that is of no cost to consumers.

Can You Get a Payday Loan in Houston over the Phone?

If you are looking for a loan, we recommend you submit your request online. It can be difficult to get all your information over the phone, and more errors can occur due to communication issues. Using the form is the fastest, most secure, and easiest way to request your loan.


FAQs - Houston Payday Loans

Do Payday Loans Online Have Instant Approval?

You can expect a very fast response when you submit your request to FaaastCash. We offer same-day decisions and one business day deposits. No secure lender can truly offer “instant approval,” but we can do the next best thing: 90 seconds or less. For people seeking an instant decision on a payday loan application, FaaastCash is the best choice.

Where Can I Borrow Money Immediately?

Choose an online payday loan with fast funding when you need cash fast.

How Do I Get a Small Personal Loan Online?

To get a small loan online, also called an installment loan in Houston, you will want to find the right partner to meet your needs. FaaastCash connects you to 100+ direct lenders, but only one will contact you, the one approving your loan request. We are not part of the loan approval, funding, or payback processes.

You need to complete and submit your loan request form. If approved, you can expect to be connected directly with your lender to review your loan offer and all terms and conditions.

What Is the Most Reliable Payday Loan?

You’ll want to work with a state-licensed lender who has met all the requirements set by the state of Texas. Work with a referral source like FaaastCash! We protect your sensitive information with a 256-bit encryption system, firewalls, and advanced security software. We also delete your data within one month. You won’t find other agents doing this!

Where Can I Get a Payday Loan with No Hard Credit Check?

Payday loans in Houston with no hard credit check are the standard for payday lenders. They often run a soft check to verify the information you provide on the loan request form. Your traditional credit scores are not important as your current income which is the best indicator of your ability to repay your loan when it is due. When you need cash for an urgent expense, a payday loan can be a good solution.

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Applying does NOT affect your FICO® credit score!
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