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How Do You Identify a Safe Payday Loan?

When someone thinks of safe, it usually means ‘secure.’ The quickest and safest way to get an online payday loan is to complete your request – you guessed it - online. You simply fill out a 1-page loan request form and hit ‘submit.’ All your information is encrypted with 256-bit encryption software. Your data is not sold to other companies. Many online sites do this but not FaaastCash. Only prospective lenders, over 100, will be able to compete for your loan. Not everyone is approved, but FaaastCash has an excellent record of approvals, more than 75%!

What Else Should You Consider When Searching for Safe Online Loans?

Make sure that your online service is not a single storefront with an online website. Your odds of approval are much less with smaller organizations – that is why FaaastCash refers you to over 100 lenders. Be sure you are dealing with a firm with years of experience, not some startup that may or may not have enough funds to loan on any given day. FaaastCash has been around for almost a decade now so you know we are here to stay.

Safe Online Payday Loans

What Makes FaaastCash a Safe Option for Short-Term Loans?

FaaastCash has been around almost a decade and has built a super strong referral base of lenders who want to loan money every day. They accept those with bad credit and can lend from $100 to $1,000. And we are faaast! After submitting your online payday loan request, you will get an answer in 1-3 minutes or less.

You can do it from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet too. In fact, over 80% of our customers submit their request from their smartphone. Our state-of-the-art encryption software will make you comfortable knowing we secure your data and do not resell it to other services.

How do we do a safe payday loan online?

It is simple, apply online, get an answer in just a minute or two and then be connected to your lender right after that (if your request is accepted). Depending on how many questions you have of your lender, or they have of you, you can complete the entire process from the very start to completion in just 10-15 minutes in most of the cases. That certainly beats driving to a storefront only to find they can’t lend to you that day. And you don’t waste time and gas money too.

So, if you need cash faaast, get started

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