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Oregon Payday Loan

Money troubles got you in the dumps? No reason to agonize over how you will make it to your next payday.

There are loan products to assist borrowers of all financial backgrounds. If you are worried about being denied due to credit woes or you are out of options, payday loans are a real option.

Oregon residents have felt the tough economy as much as any state. Many people have found themselves in a cash shortage situation. This may be due to unexpected or emergency expenses like auto repairs, medical bills, utility bills, or any other unexpected expense. It may be as simple as not having enough cash to put food on the table.

Online payday loans in Oregon are a convenient option compared to driving around trying to find a single storefront. FaaastCash is an online referral source to more than 100 direct lenders that offer a better alternative to storefronts and other fly-by-night online companies.

Oregon Payday Loan Law and Regulations

  • Legal Status: Legal
  • Interest Rate (APR): 154% (including all fees)
  • Maximum Loan Amount: $50,000
  • Minimum Loan Term: 31 days
  • Maximum Loan Term: 60 days
  • Number of Rollovers Allowed: 2
  • Finance Charges: 36% APR

Loan Amounts in Oregon

Oregon sets a limit of $50,000 for a maximum loan amount (or up to 25% of borrower’s net monthly income when income < $60,000 annually.) It should be noted that loans greater than $1,000 are called installment loans and will require stronger credit standing than a typical payday loan.

There is no limitation to a number of loans that a person can apply for.

Maximum Term for Payday Loans in Oregon

According to state law, the limit for a payday loan term is 60 days while the minimum term is 31 days.

In Oregon, there is also a law about a cooling-off period: a person can apply for another loan only 60 days after the date when the previous loan was fully repaid.

Loans can be rolled over twice in Oregon (i.e., extended past their original due date).

Are payday loans legal in Oregon?

Payday lending is legal in Oregon.

The minimum loan term is 31 days; the maximum loan term is 60 days. The APR is capped at 36%, lenders cannot charge more than this amount.

Eligibility Criteria for Payday Loans in Oregon

Eligibility for a payday loan does vary by state, but Oregon is very similar to most states. Your lender will inform you of all terms and conditions of any loan as well as any information required after reviewing the short loan request form you submitted.

Here are the basic criteria for requesting Oregon payday loans:

  • Be 18 years of age or older,
  • A legal resident of Oregon with a resident address,
  • Have a regular source of income, preferably for at least 3 months,
  • Have an active checking account and phone number,
  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.

Is there a limit to how many payday loans you can get?

Yes. There are limits on number of loans: If a borrower takes out 3 payday loans in "quick succession," lenders must cut them off for 30 days. Also, unless you can prove the ability to pay it all back, lenders will not provide more than 1 payday loan at a time.

How do Oregon Payday Loans Work?

We simplified the process for requesting an online loan in Oregon. Request your Oregon payday loan online in just a few minutes, without driving around, tons of paperwork, and long waits. The process is fast and secure! Once you submit your request, you get an answer in less than 90 seconds.

If approved, you are connected directly to your lender, who will answer your questions, explain the terms and conditions, and arrange to deposit your loan into your bank account in one business day.

Quick Online Application

Complete our online loan request form for your Oregon Online Payday Loan. It is quick, easy, and secure.

  • Instant Decision
    You get your decision in just seconds, not quite instantly but extremely fast. If you are accepted, you will be connected directly to your lender within 90 seconds, often much faster.
  • Get Your Cash
    Cash is deposited in your account in as little as 1 business day.
  • Repay Your Payday Loan
    The original loan amount & any fees will be debited from your bank account on the payment due day, often your next pay date.


Can I get 2 payday loans?

State law allows you to get a second payday loan if you already have one open. But that does not mean lenders will give you a second loan. Before a lender gives you another loan, they will recheck your income and job status and do another soft check of your outstanding payments. There is higher risk having 2 loans and lenders know this and are usually hesitant to provide a second loan while one is unpaid.

Do payday loans get written off?

Over time payday loans that are unpaid do get written off. However, writing off payday loans does not happen quickly. It can take 5 years for a write-off to happen. In the meantime, a collection agency could be harassing you all the time to arrange to pay the outstanding loan debt.

Do payday loans call your employer?

Payday lenders usually verify employment status or income by asking you to provide a recent pay stub or bank statement, SSI payment letter, or some other document verifying your recent earnings. In rare cases, a lender may verify your employment by making a quick call to your employer.

Can payday lenders take you to court?

The answer is yes but this is unlikely to happen. What really happens is the lender sends you to a collection agency who tries to get you to pay your loan. The collection company could sue you in court if you defaulted on your loan and do not work out a repayment plan and stick to it. Note: you can only be taken to civil court. Criminal charges are not allowed in any state in the U.S. for payday loan defaults.

Why would a payday loan be denied?

I Need a Payday Loan but Keep Getting Refused

The most common reasons for denials include: You did not pass affordability checks, which means enough income to qualify for the loan. Your past borrowing history, missed payments on loans, or loan defaults could all cause you to be refused for a loan. The number one reason for refusal is not having enough income recently and for the immediate future.

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Applying does NOT affect your FICO® credit score!
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