Try These Financial Tips to Avoid Holiday Debt this Festive Season?

As the festive season approaches, the tendency to splurge more than usual on holiday gifts for the kids and loved ones is understandable. However, spending beyond your limits can get you into holiday debt. So, before you go out shopping or browse through an online shopping app to purchase gifts, try these tips to manage your finances to ensure that the most wonderful time of the year doesn’t take a toll on your finances.

Set a Budget

First, get control of your expenses. Keep track of where your money goes. You can keep a ledger, a spreadsheet, or one of the hundreds of free budget programs to track everything expense. Many banks offer this service for free if you are a customer.

Next, review your spending monthly. Look for those small, repetitive spending items that you can reduce or eliminate. A couple of coffees a week can be $40-50 a month in savings. Categorize your spending in big ‘buckets’ like home expense (rent/mortgage-insurance-repairs), groceries, eating out and entertainment, and so on. You should set goals of reducing expenses, saving an emergency fund, saving for retirement, and other priorities that fit your lifestyle.

Do NOT Rely on Credit Cards

Credit cards can be useful. However, it is easy to use them until they are maxed out and then not pay them down. The high interest and ease of use can make them a real financial burden. 

Follow the 1 Month Rule

One good financial tip is to follow the 1 Month Rule. Do not buy things when you first see them, even if you think the price is a good one. Instead, do some research, check online, and look for coupons or cashback deals. Wait for one month, keep your money, and then buy it if you still need it. Of course, your money is better off if you put it into your savings or investment account. 

What is a Payday Loan?

Online payday loans can help you cover emergency or urgent expenses when you are in a tough situation that requires immediate action. These include medical emergencies, auto repairs, utility bills due, etc. These loans are fee-based, i.e., there is a set fee for the loan (based on the size of the loan and state laws where you live). So, you know exactly what you will pay back before it comes due.

Benefits of a FaaastCash Payday Loan

One big benefit of online loans is that they have a very quick, secure, and easy process. The process of completing the short loan request form, submitting it, and getting an answer usually takes 10 minutes or less. If approved, your loan is deposited into your bank account in just one business day. You will not find a faster way to get an emergency loan. 

Also, even if you have had some credit issues, do not worry about your credit scores. Direct payday lenders do not do hard credit checks like traditional financial companies. You don’t need to stress out if you have a bad credit score. About half of all requests are from people with poor or bad credit. About 80% of all loan requests are approved.

How do I get a Fast Payday Loan Near Me?

Complete the online loans form on the website. Once the form is submitted, you get an answer in 90 seconds or less. With a referral network of 100+ direct lenders, your odds of approval are good. And you do not have to drive around wasting your time and gas money to go from store to store. 

Need of a few more dollars this holiday season? If you are short a little cash, you might consider a small, short-term online loan.

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